DVD-R Scratch-proof test.
Confirmation / conparison of "Hard coat" -like DURABIS- disk.

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Scratch-proof DVDR

  • Aim of the test
Recently, a lot of DVD-R disks with hard coat are put on the market.
The little child will damages disks by carelessly touching. So, we are helped very much by hard coat.
Then, now I test which "hard coated disk" is most excellent?

  • Procedure of the test.

[1]. At first, burn disks with pioneer DVR-A12, and scan PI/PIF rate with pxscan,

[2]. Put the disk(face recording side to the ground) on the finest sandpaper, put a weight on the disk, and drag the disk horizontally.

[3]. Scan PI/PIF rate again. Next, repeat [2] process with more heavy weight.

(DVD-R has the rib in the inner. Sandpapers are set to avoid it.)

  • Items
... SANKO producing Co,ltd. - Gardening saucer A-4 + various weight.

・Sandpapers(water-proof, and taugh to wear.)
... SANKYO RIKAGAKU Co.ltd sandpaper "FUJI STAR" DCCS #2000 (made in Japan)

・DVD-R disks.
[1]. TDK DVD-R Durabis 8x (made in Luxembourg)
[2]. TDK DVD-R Durabis 16x (made by TaiyoYuden)
[3]. SONY "OnSho"[means Sound-master] DVD-R 16x
[4]. maxell High-Grade DVD-R 8x
[5]. Verbatim UltraLife GOLD DVD-R 8x (Gold/Silver hybrid reflection layer + Prodisc hard coat)
[7]. Imation "ForceField" DVD-R 8x
[9]. UNIFINO "Super Strong" DVD-R 8x
[11]. TaiyoYuden That's DVD-R 16x (non-hardcoat - normal disk)
[12]. GigaStorage DVD-R 8x (non-hardcoat - normal disk)
[13].RICOH DVD+R 16x (non-hardcoat - normal disk)

SANKO producing Co,ltd. - Gardening saucer A-4.

Gardening saucer + various weights on the disk.

Tset results.

normal disk

normal disk


maxell HG
TDK Durabis