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Model DVD-E818A
seller ASUSTek
release date ?
Price \3,180
- Retail Box


Manufacturer name ASUS
Drive name DVD-E818A
Initial Firmware 1.02
Drive buffer 0.2MB
PIO/DMA mode UltraDMA mode-5
Main Chip MediaTek MT1308
Country of origin CHINA
Power consumption 5V = 1.5A / 12V = 1.5A
QualityScan Function PIE/PIF with cdspeed.
Maximum DVD write speed -
Maximum DVD DL write speed -
Maximum DVD RW write speed -
Maximum DVD-ROM read speed 18x
Maximum DVD-R read speed 10x
Maximum DVD DL read speed 10x
Maximum DVD(with CSS) read speed 18x
Maximum CD write speed -
Maximum CDRW write speed -
Maximum CD read speed 48x
Overburn DVD+R -
Maximum DVD-RAM(2x-3x) read speed -
Maximum DVD-RAM(5x) read speed -
Bitsetting DVD+R -
Bitsetting DVD+RW -
Bitsetting DVD+R DL -
recording time for DVD-R -
software -

Write speed & behavior

20x DVD-R -
20x DVD+R -
18x DVD-R -
18x DVD+R -
16x DVD-R -
16x DVD+R -
8x DVD-R -
8x DVD+R -
4x DVD-R -
4x DVD+R -
1x DVD-R -
2.4x DVD+R -
6x DVD-RW -
4x DVD-RW -
2x DVD-RW -
8x DVD+RW -
4x DVD+RW -
2.4x DVD+RW -
8x DVD+R DL -
4x DVD+R DL -
2.4x DVD+R DL -
8x DVD-R DL -
4x DVD-R DL -
12x DVD-RAM -
5x DVD-RAM -
3x DVD-RAM -

Externals and Chipset.

looks like DRW-2014L1T.

Click to enlarge.
Main chip is on the other side of the base.

Main chip is MT-1308E made by the MediaTek Corp.
PI/PIF Scan enabled with CDSpeed.

DVD-ROM Reading Speed.

Reaches at 16X speed in 3.2GB point.
DVD-E818A is 30 seconds faster than 16X drive.

DVD-ROM DL Reading Speed.

But DVD DL is 10X speed, this is slower than 16X drive.

DVD-R Reading Speed.

DVDR is 10X speed too, slower than 16X drive.

Conclusion. : Good Speed with DVD-ROM, but DVD-R/DL is not fast.