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model No. GGW-H20N
seller LG電子
release date 2007年11月8日
price 52800(JPY)

Manufacturer name HL-DT-ST
Drive name BD-RE  GGW-H20N
Initial Firmware XL01
Drive buffer 4MB
Main Chip Renesas RBJ32702SFPV
Country of origin Korea.
Power consumption 5V/12V = 1.9A/3.0A
QualityScan Function unavailable.
Maximum BD-R write speed 6x
Maximum BD-RE write speed 2x
Maximum BD-R DL write speed 4x
Maximum BD-RE DL write speed 2x
Maximum DVD write speed 16x
Maximum DVDR DLwrite speed 4x
Maximum DVDRW write speed 8x(6x)
Maximum DVDROM read speed 16x
Maximum DVDR read speed 12x
Maximum DVD DL read speed 8x
Maximum BD-R read speed 6x
Maximum BD-R DL read speed 4.8x
Maximum BD-RE read speed 2x
Maximum HD DVD read speed 3x
Maximum DVD(with CSS) read speed 8x CAV limited.
Maximum CD write speed 40x
Maximum CDRW write speed 24x
Maximum CD read speed 40x
Overburn DVD+R unavailable.
Maximum DVD-RAM(2x-3x) read speed 5x P-CAV
Maximum DVD-RAM(5x) read speed 5x P-CAV
Bitsetting DVD+R available.
Bitsetting DVD+RW -
Bitsetting DVD+R DL available.
recording time for DVD-R about 5m50s
recording time for BD-R about 21m10s
recording time for BD-RE about 39m20s
software [CyberLink Hi-Def Suite]
PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra
BD Adviser
LG Firmware Update

Write speed & behavior
6x BD-R(*1) 2x CLV / 4x CLV / 2.6x-6.0x CAV
4x BD-R*1) 2x CLV / 4x CLV
2x BD-R(*1) 2x CLV
2x BD-RE 2x CLV
4x BD-R DL(*1) 2x CLV / 4x CLV
2x BD-R DL(*1) 2x CLV
16x DVD-R 6.9x-8x P-CAV / 6.9x-12x P-CAV / 6.9x-16x P-CAV
16x DVD+R 6.9x-8x P-CAV / 6.9x-12x P-CAV / 6.9x-16x P-CAV
8x DVD-R 4x CLV / 6x-8x Z-CLV
8x DVD+R 2.4x CLV / 4x CLV / 6x-8x Z-CLV
4x DVD-R 4x CLV
4x DVD+R 4x CLV
1x DVD-R 2x CLV
2.4x DVD+R 2.4x CLV
6x DVD-RW 4x CLV / 6x CLV
4x DVD-RW 2x CLV / 4x CLV
2x DVD-RW 1x CLV / 2x CLV
8x DVD+RW 6x CLV / 6x-8x Z-CLV
4x DVD+RW 2.4x CLV / 4x CLV
2.4x DVD+RW 2.4x CLV
4x DVD+R DL 2.4x CLV / 4x CLV
2.4x DVD+R DL 2.4x CLV
4x DVD-R DL 2x CLV / 4x CLV
2x DVD-R DL 2x CLV
12x DVD-RAM not supported.
5x DVD-RAM 2x CLV / 3x CLV / 5x P-CAV
3x DVD-RAM 2x CLV / 3x CLV
(*1) ... BD-R Speed List is below.
  2x BD-R 4x BD-R 2x BD-RE
TDK 2x-4x 2x-4x-6x 2.3x
Verbatim 2x-4x-6x - 2.3x
Panasonic 2x 2x-4x 2.3x
SONY 2x - 2.3x
CMC 2x - 2.3x
RiTEK 2x - 2.3x

Drive Information

Bitsetting is not available on CDSpeed.

Book type : DVD+R

However, Bitset is availble on ImgBurn.

Book type : DVD-ROM

Externals and Chipset.

Body design.


Box(Japanese ver.).

spec required. spec recommended.
CPU Intel PentiumD 3.2GHz Intel Core2Duo E6300
Memory 1GB -
HDD 30GB space. -
OS WindowsXP SP2 / Vista -
Graphic - GeForce 7800GTX512/7900GT/
Radeon X1950/HD2300/HD2400/

Bundled accessories.

body length. below: GGW-H20N. upper: GSA-H22N.
GGW-H20N is not short body.

CyberLink Hi-Def Suite.

PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra. PureVideo HD , and UVD ready.

Product label. click to enlarge.
Power consumption is 5V/12V = 1.9A/3.0A......TDP = 45W?
Manufacture Date is 26.Oct.2007.

Main board. click to enlarge.
Voltage Regulator Modules are covered of large heat conduction seat.
High power consumption may generate high heat?

Renesas RBJ32702SFPV.