Test of DVD-R preservation performance under severe environment.

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Last Update ...... 24.August.2007.

  •  test #06 "In saturation (100% humidity) test." [update]

This test aims to investigate the effect of humidity on the stability of DVD-R.
As known, we should keep disks away from dew condensation. Now I dare.
Put disks in saturated(100% humidity) room, and check PI errors every 50 hours..


  • test #05 "Boiling DVD-R" [done]
Boiling DVD-R for an hour......

  • test #04 "UV Resistance test".[done]
This test aims to examine the UV Resistance of DVD-R.
Expose recording layer to sunlight directly, and check PI errors every 3 days. 

old test #01-#03 is here.(Sorry, Japanese only)